Current Position Openings

National Park Service – Community Assistance Fellow-Washington, DC

The selected NPS-RTCA Fellow will work with an Outdoor Recreation Planner, the Regional GIS Specialist, other regional staff, as well as with key project partners, to deliver technical assistance in planning and developing opportunities for outdoor recreation and natural resource conservation on a range of projects. Projects will likely include trails, open space, and watershed planning, volunteer development, and youth engagement.

National Park Service – Adventure Station Ranger

The National Park Service in partnership with several organizations has worked to plan and staff an Adventure Station, an urban visitors center, in a new facility in the heart of Washington, D.C. This Adventure Station, is the perfect setting for the Environmental Steward to work with individuals of all ages, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds to provide them with information on recreational opportunities in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia on all public lands. The Steward may be challenged to find outdoor activities such as: hiking, mountain biking, city cycling, rock climbing, fishing, bouldering, and paddling.

U.S. Forest Service - Special Uses Resource Assistant -Albuquerque, NM

The U.S. Forest Service, Southwestern Region, Special Use programs are working within a sustainable and efficient business model. Recreation Heritage and Wilderness Resources (RHWR) staff have developed a Sustainable Recreation Strategy. The Strategy is an innovation that moves the RHWR program area towards advancing the mission of the Forest Service, with a diverse and engaged public that enjoys and actively cares for the National Forests and Grasslands of the Southwest. Additionally, Southwestern Region Lands’ staff area is moving the Lands Special Use program forward in a sustainable and efficient manner.

The position will be provide benefits to the American public by several means, 1) insuring safe experiences in the National Forest through Recreation Special Use permit holders, 2) insuring compliance with environmental laws, policy, and regulations in the implementation of Special Uses, and 3) enabling economic opportunities to small rural communities.

Gateway Region YMCA - Community Connections Corps Member

The YMCA of Greater St. Louis was one of 10 cities nationally selected to participate in the YMCA, National Park Service-Play, Learn, Serve and Work Summer Day Camp Program and Department of Interior 50 Cities Volunteer Initiative, the Environmental Steward would develop, implement and conduct programs, community collaborations, projects and build relationships and engage the St. Louis Region in these initiatives.


The Community Connections Corps Member will receive an AmeriCorps educational stipend at the end of their term. AmeriCorps is a national service organization, connecting thousands of Americans of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to serve their communities.

National Park Service - Geoscientists-in-the-Parks

Only applicants who have already been selected by The Geological Society of America for NPS - GIP internships may apply for this position.  If you have not applied with GSA and been notified of your selection as an applicant, please do not apply for this position.  Once you have been notified by the GSA and contacted by our program, please click on the position title above and you will be directed to the online application and enrollment system. If you are interested in viewing GSA's Site for current openings, please visit

General Environmental Stewards Positions

These are individual placements that range anywhere from 10 weeks to 1 year, and are based all over the country. Only applicants who have already been selected for a position may apply for this position.  If you have not been notified of your selection as an applicant, please do not apply for this position.